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How Long Does It Take For Skin Discoloration To Go Away After Pregnancy?
Since I've been pregnant, I've developed brown spots on my stomach, chest and face. My baby is due in March and my sister is getting married in May. I'm in the wedding party and the dresses are strapless. How soon will it take for these spots fade?
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priyanka Monday 8th of February 2010 01:03:04 AM
Brown spots usually take 4-5 months to vanish completely. Since their is 2 months Gap between your sis wedding and your delivery, the dark brown spots will get fader by this time. Its better that you switch to other style dress. let the spots vanish naturally.

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Thursday 20th of May 2010 04:11:49 AM
Once you have finished giving birth and aware that the soap you are going to use will not be harmful to you, just try lightening soaps and lotion to your body, then you can see a result in a month. Likewise you can try to put on petroleum jelly which really help softening and lightining the skin.

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Saturday 15th of May 2010 01:26:56 PM
You can do away from it by applying orange juice,and and ointments.always make sure that you bath well before applying it on your body, you can apply it in the morning after bathing and in the evening after bathing.if you do this for two weeks and it is still not changing , then you have to go and see your doctor.

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Monday 8th of February 2010 03:22:43 AM
Well, spots may or may not disappear at the time of your sister's wedding. Whitening creams or lightening lotion can help lighten the discoloration on your face. But a sheer foundation make-up will you a lot during the occasion. Discoloration will fade after months or years depending on how anxious you are to get rid of them.

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Wednesday 17th of March 2010 09:24:08 AM
hello there, most of that skin marks disappear after delivery, that is all up to how your body works with it, some cases it does fade away fast another times it takes couple of months, what can you do is get a help with creams that help to get away from the skin marks but ask a dermato to prescribe then never look and use anything without a medical prescription otherwise you can run to the opposite side as you want, second you can get the help of make up it must help the visible places. cheers.

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